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Painfulness of transvaginal follicle aspiration for oocyte retrieval in in-vitro-fertilization

Zusammenfassung: Alter und Schmerzen während der Menstruation empfehlen eine Schlafnarkose während der Eizellentnahme im Rahmen einer IVF-Behandlung, da diese Frauen eher schmerzempfindlicher zu sein scheinen.

Zentralbl Gynakol. 2000;122(3):169-74.

Wicke V(1), Weigert M, Danninger B, Fuchs R, Stangl S, Deixler B, Leitl E, Feichtinger W.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to analyze the painfulness of a transvaginal ultrasound-guided follicle punction.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Patients could choose to have either a neuroleptanalgesia or to be supported by the partner or a psychotherapist during the oocyte pick up. Based on a questionnaire, 277 patients tried to describe their level of pain in a horizontal alphanumeric scale divided in 15 categories, while other painful
physical interacts could be quantified, too. Furthermore, patients were asked for the cause of sterility, former IVF-ET treatments and whether the partner or the psychotherapist looked after them during the oocyte retrieval. Statistical analysis was performed using a standardized computer program (Stat View, Abacus Concepts, USA).

RESULTS: The neuroleptanalgesia reduced the intensity of pain (average value of pain: 1.21 vs 9.26 without analgesia) in a significant way (p = 0.0001). Some patients compared the pain at oocyte retrieval with a bone fracture (8.08) or surgeries (10.12). More painful was a colic (13.67), infections (13.5), some diagnostic surgeries (12.09) or a delivery (11.91). Younger woman and patients with dysmenorrhea felt significantly more pain than others. Neither the presence of the partner or psychotherapist during punction nor the indication, number of
previous IVF-ET treatments or a following pregnancy had any influence on the statistics.

CONCLUSION: Age as well as the rate of problems with menstruation should help the patient to decide on whether to have the follicle punction with or without anesthesia.